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The UFAAP are 11 agencies across France who work year round meeting young people, organising events, meeting together....in order for the best cultural exchange possible!


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  • Par abus de langage, il est souvent fait référence aux « jeunes filles » Au Pair, mais ce terme n’exclut en aucun cas les candidats de sexe masculin
  • Plus de 20 000 familles ont accueilli une Au Pair par le biais d’une agence UFAAP depuis 1999

What is an Au Pair?

The term "Au Pair" refers to a young, foreign girl or boy who travels abroad to improve his/her language skills by sharing the life of a family.

The Au Pair placements in France are governed by an agreement called "Convention conclue entre le Jeune Au pair et la famille d'accueill".
In exchange for 25 hours of weekly childcare  and light household tasks/chores, the Au Pair receives lodgings, meals and pocket money.

Protect yourself !

IAPA (and therefore UFAAP) warn you against any direct match between au pairs and host families, always use a legally registered au pair agency.

Newspapers, internet advertisements or any of the many web-based matching services may appear to be acceptable and inexpensive alternatives for securing an au pair placement.

There are, however, potential risks in arranging a placement in this manner.
10 potential risks you face when not using a legally registered au pair agency:

  • high probability of unsuitable au pair or host family candidates
  • absence of a written contract
  • little or no experience in the au pair industry
  • lack of professionalism or financial stability
  • nonexistent standards or guidelines
  • insufficient references and/or medical certification
  • danger of document falsification
  • no rematch policy (secondary placement) if the initial placement is unsuccessful
  • no local support during the placement
  • limited understanding of national au pair regulations

Message forwarded by the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) and his local representative (UFAAP) 
International Au Pair Association
Keizersgracht 174-176 • 1016 DW Amsterdam • The Netherlands •

Tél : + 31 20 421 28 00 • www.iapa.org

Key figures

  • 30 000Over 30 000 young people have trusting us since 1999
  • 20 000Over 20 000 families have been welcoming  Au Pairs through  the UFAAP agency since 1999
  • 1111 Agencies throughout  France
  • 20Over 20 events taking place each year all over France
  • 50The approximate number of our partenaires in other countries who accompany candidates on their stay.
  • 250The approximate number of foreign partners in charge of recruting and accompanying young people who wish to complete a placement with a family in France.


We guarantee:

  • legal status  for all au Pairs abroad
  • strict selection of all Au Pairs from our overseas partners
  • presentation  of the Au Pair' complete profile BEFORE his/her arrival, including presentation letter, checked references, criminal record, recent medical certificate, photos and any other relevant documents. 
  • that the Au Pair is aware of the family's expectations.
  • presentation of the family's profile to the Au Pair.
  • complete information on the administrative procedures to be carried out.
  • intervention in case of disagreement and replacement of the Au Pair if necessary.
  • advice on French language classes/courses.
  • that all Au Pairs will benefit from medical insurance.
  • the organisation of gatherings and events for Au Pairs to help them make new contacts, to give them advice and help them better integrate with their host family.


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