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  1. The Au Pair agency must be legally registered with the French authorities and exist as a legal entity for at least 2 years.
  2. The Au Pair agency must have easily accessible premises where potential Au Pairs and host families can meet with a representative of the agency. The premises must have a sign indicating the location of the agency and provide a complete address. A “P.O. box” is not sufficient.
  3. The agency must have an employee or a permanent trainee on the premises who is fluent in English.
  4. The agency must operate normal office hours and provide a phone number which is available five days a week. An answering machine must be available outside office hours / during office closure.
  5. The agency commits to carefully selecting the overseas partners they work with and to develop a high quality working relationship aimed to improving the standard of all placements. Any bad practice on the part of an overseas partner should be reported to the president or secretary.
  6. Every agency must via the overseas partner agency provide the foreign student with as much information as possible regarding their host family prior to their arrival in France. This should include the family profile, signed by the family with a breakdown of working hours, accommodation, pocket money and if possible the cost of French classes. The address and phone number of the local French agency must also be clearly mentioned in the documents supplied to the foreign student so that they can easily contact the agency.
  7. Every Au Pair agency should try to concentrate their placements in their own region, except where a current or previous client moves to another part of France and who prefers to continue working with the same agency.
  8. UFAAP requires each Au Pair agency to charge a minimum fee for a placement in France which varies according to the different lengths of placements (0-3 months/ 3-6 months/ 6-12 months)
  9. The agency should help to manage the relationship between the family and the Au Pair, provide ongoing support to both parties and where necessary intervene should a problem arise. They must also put any Au Pairs within the same locality in touch with each other and do whatever they can to replace the Au Pair in a new family should the placement breakdown through no fault of their own.  They must also maintain good communication with the Au Pair’s home agency. The Au Pair agency will ask the host family to inform the local authorities should a placement end prematurely
  10. The Au Pair agency commits to doing whatever they can to ensure that the 2 week notice period is respected by both parties and to ensure the local legislation is respected in particular regarding holidays.
  11. The Au Pair agency must provide the host family with details of insurance relating specifically to Au Pair placements.
  12. The Au Pair agency commits to attending the UFAAP meetings and to participate in the general running of the association

Our Objectives

UFAAP commits to:

  • developing the Au Pair regulations in France with the aim to harmonise procedures regarding Au Pair placements in France
  • listing the approved Au Pair agencies who respect the qualities and objectives of  UFAAP thereby ensuring a high quality of service,
  • developing a relationship with the French authorities to represent the interests of the  Au Pair agency profession on both a national and international level,
  • harmonising the interests of families and Au Pairs.

All UFAAP members commit to respecting a code of conduct and directives which establish standards concerning Au Pair placements, in particular regarding the selection of both Au Pairs and host families.

All UFAAP members will respect the geographic distribution of placements to ensure better service and support and will share resources in order to help and develop the profession.