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FAQ : Questions & Answers


Why go through a structure member of the UFAAP?

The member bodies of the French Union of Au Pair Agencies make a commitment to respecting the chart of qualities, insuring a better guarantee of service. This includes the guarantee of the legality of the Au Pair stay and promotes the dimension of the cultural stay as an Au Pair. We work in accordance with the Work Directors and the Embassies to optimize the placement process.


Why the placement in a family member of an agency UFAAP is it more secure?

The families register with an UFAAP agency and agree to respect a certain number of rules concerning the Au Pair placement (providing at least the minimal rate of pocket money, which household tasks are acceptable and which are not, preparing a suitable room, respecting the hosting conditions for Au Pairs…). Therefore you limit the risks of problems and you benefit in all senses, such as follow up and support from the agency in case of disaccord with the family.


What is the difference between an Internet agency and an UFAAP agency?


The internet sites propose to put in touch young girls with families but they do not offer any guarantee. Neither the candidate(s), nor the families are in control or have been screened. Numerous young girls register without being motivated and never give any responses, or young girls are not able to obtain the Au Pair Visa register in hope that the families will accept them without knowing of the unusual situation.  Or the families who have behaved badly in the best and who can no longer remain under a UFAAP agency will equally register on these sites. What is more, by using the Internet, you do not benefit of the follow up and support from local agencies, nor our instructions which uphold the legalities. In fact, we are regularly informed of the hoaxes linked on free internet sites: non existing families on arrival, families who don’t pay the girl; even those who demand for payment in order to pay for additional fees. The host foreign families of the UFAAP agencies, as for them, they are registered with correspondents in the country where the placement takes place.



What countries do you propose?
The list of countries can vary depending on the agency... you can inform yourself further beforehand through consulting the Internet site of the UFAAP structure by the one you wish to leave. In Europe, you can go to Germany, England, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italie, Norway, Netherlands, and Switzerland... It is also possible to go to Australia, Canada (under specific conditions), United States and New Zealand. Inform yourself further to the specifications of each of these destinations through a consultation with an agency.
How do I choose the agency to go with?
For your departure overseas, the UFAAP agencies are not divisioned. You choose the agency according to its proposed destinations, reputation, the contact that you have had with them, their prices... The membership of the UFAAP is serious as the agencies commit themselves to respect a demanding set of qualities.
How to apply to go as an Au Pair?
Having chosen the agency that you would like to leave with, you must complete a profile/casefile and submit it to the same agency with the required documents. A primilary telephone contact with the agency of your choice will allow you to obtain personal advice on your project and also optimise your inscription profile.
What is the amount of pocket money and work hours per week?
The amount of pocket money can vary depending on the country, just like the amount of work hours. In sending you to an UFAAP agency, you have the guarantee that the pocket money you recieve will never be lower than the legal limit. The UFAAP agencies give to the Au Pair candidates the maximum information availiable on the conditions of welcome proposed by the families.
What tasks am I going to have to do?
We indicate our local correspondents as well as to the families on the tasks that can be asked of you and those that cannot be asked on no account. As a general rule, besides the childminding (playing, homework supervision, bathtime, breakfast preparation, or meals for the children), the host family ask the Au Pairs to actively participate with household chores.
Do I need to get a visa?
To stay in Europe, you do not need to apply for a visa (if you are of European nationality). For the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, particular conditions apply. Your agency will give you all the information for the process of applying for your visa. 
What do I do in case of an emergency?
In case of a problem abroad, you must contact the locak agency in your area first, then your agency in France if the problem is not resolved. In case of a problem with an UFAAP agency, you must inform either the secretarial department or head office in writing. 
Must I take out specific insurance for the duration of my stay as an Au Pair?
Yes, according to your destination, your UFAAP agency will indicate to you the procedure before your departure to benefit from medical cover, repatriation and a civil liability abroad, if necessary. More information on this subject can be found in the section - Au Pair Insurance - on this website.
May I choose the city?
Everything depends on the city which you would like to go. As much as possible, we do the maximum to respect your preferences. It is possible that a family corresponds perfectly with what you are searching, but they may not live in the city of your choice. It is better to choose the family that corresponds well with you, rather than you focusing only on searching your ideal city. Lots of foreigners coming to France ask to be placed in Paris, when there are wonderful cities with a great quality of life all over France such as Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon; Marseille, Nice, Rennes, Toulouse... For example, London is not the only city in England.
Who takes care of the travel?
For a stay in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, it's you who will take care of the travel once your placement is offically confirmed. Your UFAAP agency will give you advise and assistance if you need.
For a stay in the United States, it is the agency that will take care of your flight, generally offered.
Can I take language classes?
Yes, it is recommended to take class to progress your language skills quickly and also to socialise. Generally, you choose the school on your arrival. Note that during tthe summer, it is not always possible to enroll in a language school.
Can I be placed if I dont have my driving permit?
In Europe, we can place you without having a permit. In the United States, a driving permit is essential.

How would old do I have to be to be an Au Pair?

The UFAAP agencies do not place senoir candidates. Generally the Au Pair placing is possible for those aged 18 to 30 years old, with the United States being an exception where the legal age is fixed between 18 and 26 years old.


I am a young man, can I be an Au Pair?

Yes. Male placements exist. Fewer families accept to take a male to take care of their children, but the mentalities are evoling little by little. Certain American agencies do not accept young male applications considering the small proportion of American families taking them.

It is strongly recommended and advised to future boy Au Pairs to contact the agencies so that they can benefit from advice on the possibility of acception of their profile and or eventually the orientation towards a country more open to accept the young males.
What are the specific conditions to go as an Au Pair to the United States?
You must be commited to leave for 12 months, have your high school diploma, driving license and pass an interview in the interviwer's office in France. The flight ticket is generally offered to you, as well as a scholarship or grant. The conditions are the same for all the agencies. You must also apply for a visa.

What are the specific conditions to be an Au Pair in Canada?

In Canada, the Au Pair visa does not exist...thus you must combine your stay with a language study. It is generally about formula 'demi-pair'. Very few agencies offer this destination.


What are the specfic conditions to be an Au Pair in Australia or New Zealand?

In Australia like in New Zealand, the Au Pair visa does not exist. Thus you must combine your stay with courses and leave with a 'student' visa of 'working holiday' visa.


How much can the price of the services of the Au Pair agencies vary and rise?

The expenses vary from ageny to agency and generally consist of fees of membership and registration and the price of placing you. The prices of the UFAAP agencies are coherent with a follow-up of the best possible quality.

What happens if I have a problem with host family?
In case of a problem, you must first talk to your host family. If you do not find a solution, speak to the local agency looking after you and as a last option, do not hesitate to contact the agency in France with which you left with.


Which organisation do I choose when selecting a female or male Au Pair?
French families wishing to welcome an Au Pair from overseas should choose the agency closest to their location. This allows each agency to ensure a good level of service both for the host families and the Au Pairs. You can find your nearest agency by clicking on your region on the map of France in the section "List of Bodies".
What services are proposed by an UFAAP approved agency?
The role of an UFAAP approved agency is to propose fully vetted candidates to its clients. The Au Pairs are recruited by local agents who carefully select and reference check each application, working in close collaboration with UFAAP approved agencies. Once a host family has chosen a candidate, the agency will assist them with the necessary administrative procedures. The UFAAP approved agencies can help you with these steps which can vary from one region to another and according to the nationality of the candidate.
How much pocket money should I give to my Au Pair?
The recommended pocket money is calculated as a percentage of the basic social welfare costs. Depending on the area, the cost of language lessons and local transport etc... this amount can range from 65 to 100 euros. Your local agency will be able to advise you on the recommended amount for your area.
How many hours may I ask of my Au Pair?
An Au Pair must not exceed more than 25 hours of work per week. If the Au Pair works less, his/her pocket money cannot be reduced.
What tasks can I ask my Au Pair to do?
The main role of an Au Pair is to look after the children, to take them to and from school or to their activites, play with them, bath them, prepare their meals in your absence... You can legally ask them to clean the childrens room, iron their clothing. They must not be required to do the cleaning of the whole house - they can only help with light household chores.
Do I have to pay the URSSAF charges?
Yes, your Au Pair must be declared to URSSAF and you will receive quarterly bills which will allow your Au Pair to benefit from social security. Your agency will be there to help you with this process.
Do I have to take out additional insurance for my Au Pair?
Yes. Your Au Pair must be insured from a medical point of view and a civil liability. Your UFAAP agency will be able to recommend a specialised insurance. You have the responsability to insure your Au Pair.
Which nationalities are proposed?
The proposed nationalities vary according to the agency and the time of the year. Please note that it is impossible to guarantee you an english speaking Au Pair :Very few anglophones are interested in coming to France. The candidates motivated to improve their level of French mainly come from Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, China and South Africa. The European Union candidates are becoming more and more rare.
What is to be done if my Au Pair is not working out?
If the Au Pair that you welcomed is not suitable, your UFAAP agency will help you to resolve the problem and possibly provide you with another candidate


I would like to open an Au Pair agency, can you help me?
UFAAP works to develop current legislation regarding Au Pair placements and to keep its members informed. Unfortunately we are not qualified to assist with creating new agencies.  If you would like to set up an Au Pair agency, we recommending approaching your local Chamber of Commerce.
I opened an Au Pair agency more than two years ago and would like to become a member of UFAAP, how can I do this?
If you adhere to the UFAAP code of conduct and would like to join our group of accredited agencies, contact the UFAAP secretarial department to submit your application. 
I am a host familiy living outside of France and would like to welcome a French Au Pair, who must I contact?
You must contact an agency in your country. UFAAP agencies do not place directly in host families located outside France.
I have found an Au Pair by myself and would like to go through a UFAAP accredited agency to ensure that the placement meets all legal requirements, is this possible?
Certain UFAAP agencies may offer a service to help you legally declare your Au Pair in France. We recommend contacting your preferred agency to see if they offer this service. They will more than likely charge an admin fee.